Liquid Templates

Use templates to dynamically personalize all your campaigns using all user information.

Everything you need

Made specifically for businesses looking to deliver personalized messaging to their customer to deliver the best experience.

Personalized messaging

Improve your results by sending automated yet targeted messages to your customers at the right time using liquid templates.

Segment YOUR Users

Create segment or group together users based on user properties and actions to target the right people with the right message.

User onboarding

We support adding anything from images, YouTube videos, code snippets, and even KaTeX for your technical needs.

User activation

Reach out to customer that have or haven't taken important actions without your platform to drive up engagement and activate users.

trial conversion

Guide your users through your product from the point they start their trial to increase your trial-to-subscription conversion rate.

customer Success

Automate the touchpoints throughout the user journey to decrease the work while messaging them at the right time.

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