Behavior Driven Campaigns

Trigger Based On Customer Behavior

Capture real-time customer activity in your website or apps via our API or JS library, in order to track user activity and properties to deliver personalized messaging.

Flexible Flow Builder

With built in campaign elements – including types of messages, goals, segments, and more – your creativity will be matched by your capability to build your campaigns.

  • Email – Plain Text
  • Email – HTML
  • In-App

Hi {{ }}, Personalize Everything

We support the Liquid templating language, powering all aspects of delivering hyper-personalized campaigns.

  • User Properties
  • Event Properties

Use your own SMTP

At Cloudmattr, we give you the option to use any third party SMTP (like SES, SendGrid, and others) anytime. This puts you in complete control of every aspect of your email program and your deliverability success.

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