Connect your customers to your business.

Cloudmattr combines the power of a cross-channel customer engagement platform with scale of artificial intelligence for predictive decisioning, enabling you can deliver targeted experiences that convert.

Improve your user experience

Platform Capabilities

Cloudmattr is a cross-channel customer engagement platform that enables businesses to connect with their users to improve user activation.

Personalized Campaigns

Build cross-channel campaigns based on customer behavior and attributes across email, in-app (and more coming soon).

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Our Intelligence features are built to help you grow your business smarter and automatically, without wasting time and money. No data scientist required.

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Create onboarding checklists to help your users adopt your product faster.

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Dynamic Audience Segmentation

Build and target audiences based on user traits, events, or predicted future behavior powered by AI.

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User Feedback

Collect feedback from your users without them having to create a new account with our SSO functionality.

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We're working to make it easy for Cloudmattr to integrate with your existing platforms and workflow.

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Full featured for all plans

Making it easy for your business to get insight into your users, and accessible for your users.

User Permissions

Invite who you want and set the right permissions to what they can access.

Custom Branding

Use your own sending domain, logo, color, and favicon so it can match your brand.

Custom Domain

Setup Cloudmattr to be able to use your own domain, such as

Multi-brand management

Have the ability to manage one or multiple businesses using your account.

Scalable Personalization

Our liquid templating functionality makes it easy to send customers more relevant messages.

Use your own SMTP

Connect to your Amazon SES account to start sending emails for additional limits.

Sending Emails and Domains

Send all your emails from your own emails and domains.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Create and sign-in your users automatically from your application without any extra steps for them.


Simple pricing.

See how Cloudmattr can help you grow your business.



per month

  • Tracked Users: 1000
  • Emails: 20000
  • Campaigns: Unlimited
  • Boards: 1
  • Checklists: 1
  • Knowledge Bases: 1
  • Automated Segmentation
  • CLV Prediction
  • Predicted Gender
  • Market Basket Analysis
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per month

  • Tracked Users: 10000
  • Emails: 250000
  • Campaigns: Unlimited
  • Boards: 3
  • Checklists: 3
  • Knowledge Bases: 3
  • Automated Segmentation
  • CLV Prediction
  • Predicted Gender
  • Market Basket Analysis
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per month

  • Tracked Users: 30000
  • Emails: 750000
  • Campaigns: Unlimited
  • Boards: Unlimited
  • Checklists: Unlimited
  • Knowledge Bases: Unlimited
  • Automated Segmentation
  • CLV Prediction
  • Predicted Gender
  • Market Basket Analysis
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Can I try Cloudmattr for free?

Yes! We offer a free 14-day trial, no credit card required.

How long are your contracts?

No contracts, we only offer monthly and yearly subscriptions, and you can upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time without any further obligation.

How do you count users?

A user is a record stored with a unique User ID that you send via the Users API or Zapier, and count all users in your Workspace.

You can also remove any users via the Users API to only include active or existing users. This is specially helpful when you abandoned accounts, cancellations, or to stay within your plan.

Can I get a dedicated IP address and how much does it cost?

Yes, you can get a dedicated IP address and manage with Amazon SES. Their dedicated IP cost is $25 per address per month, and you can see pricing on their website.

Do I need to setup my own SMTP server to send emails?

No, you can use Cloudmattr to deliver your emails, but you will need to link your sending domain and email to send any emails. Additionally, the email sending limits are different based on plan and if you’re using Cloudmattr or your own SMTP server for your emails.

Have more than 30,000 contacts?

Custom pricing is available for accounts with over 30000 users and sending above 2 million emails per month. Contact us for a custom quote based on your requirements.

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