Customer Engagement Platform for SaaS Products

Cross-channel customer engagement platform enabling teams to improve engagement, reduce churn, increase trial conversions and revenue.

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Our platform is very flexible and can support many use-cases for all types of businesses.

What's Cloudmattr?



Improve the onboarding of your product to help more of your customers get more value from your service.



Create relevant experiences that enable your customers to stay engaged while building a strong relationship.



Drive business results with smart, targeted, and dynamic journeys for your customers.



Recover more failed payments in a better way without frustrating your customers.


Cloudmattr is a cross-channel customer engagement platform that enables businesses to connect with their users to improve user activation.


Send plain-text and HTML based emails to your customers.

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Web Push Notifications

Send web push notifications to your customers.

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Mobile Push Notifications

Send Android and iOS mobile push notifications to your customers.

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In-App (Web) Messages

Send in-app messages in web browser to your customers.

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Create onboarding checklists to help your users adopt your product faster.

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Advanced Segmentation

Build audiences based on user properties, events, or AI generated properties.

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Collect User Feedback

Easily collect feedback from your users using boards.

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Personalize Everything

Use Liquid to deliver hyper-personalized messages.

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Trusted by 500+ Businesses

We work with businesses of all sizes, industries, and verticals. Including SaaS startups to large Ecommerce brands.

Integrate With Your Business

You can send your user data and events directly from your website, mobile apps, and server-side.


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