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Straightforward and powerful benefits

Cloudmattr easily helps you collect user feedback, manage your roadmap to let users know what's going on, keep your users updated with your changelogs.

Collect and prioritize feedback

Whether you're looking to collect feedback externally from customers or internally from team members, we make it easy to collect information and communicate your users.

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Manage your product roadmap

Show your users what you are working on by listening to their feedback. Change the status of the submissions to easily reflect where's they're at in your roadmap.

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Keep everyone updated with a changelog

Keep your customers and team up to date with any changes easily, as well as get immediate updates on new submissions via Slack and email to whoever has interacted with a request or response.

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Integrates with your existing users

With a simple implementation, you can enable your users to automatically start interacting with your boards, roadmaps, and submit new ideas. All without signing up again for a seamless setup.

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Full featured

Making it easy for your business to get insight into your users, and accessible for your users.

User Permissions

Invite who you want and set the right permissions to what they can access.

Google Analytics Tracking

Easy to add your Google Analytics property ID to start tracking users while in platform.

Custom Branding

Use your own logo, color, and favicon so it can easily match your brand.

Custom Domain

Setup Cloudmattr to be able to use your own domain, such as

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Setup Cloudmattr to be able to use your own domain, such as


See which suggestions get the most votes to prioritize your roadmaps.

Private Boards

Set your boards to be public or private to only be viewed and accessible by your users.


Ability to @ someone is a useful way of tagging them and notifying them of your response.

User Segments

Display a user's metrics, along with passing custom fields to filter by a segment (Ex. Paid vs. Free).

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